About us

               Axacom Ltd. , started their activities  in 2001, as a Bulgarian trading company,  supplying raw materials for the textile industry.  

              Our  business is grouped in several areas, such as the unifying connection is our philosophy to deliver to our customers the necessary raw materials, in accordance with the particular requirements in respect of quality, technical characteristics, prices, as well as to support our customers with information, documents, certificates, technologies.

             One main direction in which we work are yarns, intended for the production of different types of textile products such as: fabrics – knitted, weaved; socks; lady tights; sweaters; household textiles; various types of  narrow weavings, strings, bands and est.

              Other direction are the yarns, with application  in the manufacture of technical textiles, as different types of ropes, technical fabrics with high tenacity, filters for the food industry and etc.

               Third direction are the yarns, intended for the manufacture of specific products possessing specific properties as are  socks and garments for active sport and external activities; medical socks and articles, with direct application for medical purposes; ropes for climbers, fabrics for parachutes, strips for automotive belts and other high technological textile products.

                  The group of yarns that we deal with are:

 Natural materials

  • Cotton – raw white and dyed
  • Wool – dyed
  • Bamboo – dyed


  • Acrylic – dyed
  • Viscouse
  • Modal, Micro modal

 Synthetic materials

  • Polyamide      – flat, texturized ; PA 6. , PA 6.6.; conventional, high tenacity
  • Polypropylene – dyed ; textile ; technical
  • Polyester      – raw white , dyed
  • Elastan ( Spandex yarn)


                AXACOM  has a warehouse in Sofia, in which are kept available quantities of standard types of yarns as well as we deliver specific products as per particular customer’s orders.

            Our ambition and our wish are, our progress to helps for the development and prosperity of our clients.